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President Biden Takes Steps Against Anti-Asian Racism in the US

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US President Joe Biden is taking steps to combat anti-Asian racism in the United States. Since the corona pandemic, people of Asian descent have been confronted more often with racism, including violence.


Among other things, the White House reports that justice will focus on the increasing number of hate crimes against Asian Americans and people from the Pacific Islands. A special committee against prejudice and xenophobia is being set up within the committee that advises the president during the corona pandemic.

In addition, 49.5 million dollars (converted 42.2 million euros) will go from a corona relief fund to social programs that specifically target Asian Americans involved in domestic violence or sexual crimes. This should remove additional barriers, such as a language barrier, when seeking help. Furthermore, research into counteracting and tackling prejudice and xenophobia is funded.

The measures were announced after Biden’s conversation with leaders of the affected communities. “The conversation we had today, and we hear it across the country, is that hatred and violence often hide in plain sight,” said the president. He sees the silence that is often there as complicity. “We cannot be complicit. We must speak up. We must act.”

Attention to anti-Asian racism in the US has been heightened by the recent shootings in the Atlanta area. A man shot eight people in three places, including six women of Asian descent. The suspect denies a racist motive, but according to Asian interest groups, it is clearly a hate crime.

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