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Pope Intensifies Fight Against Corruption Within the Vatican

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Pope Francis is sharpening his course against corruption and money laundering within the Vatican. No employee may still accept personal gifts worth more than 40 euros.


Managers are now obliged to sign a statement every two years. These managers, such as cardinals in top positions of the administration (curia) and high officials, must declare their honour that they are not under investigation for, for example, tax evasion or corruption.

Nor should they have been convicted of such crimes or fraud, terrorism and exploitation of minors. Signatories are also prohibited from investing their assets in tax havens or investing money in companies that violate Catholic social doctrine.

The 84-year-old pope had previously taken steps against financial misconduct and corruption. Almost a year ago, he came up with stricter procurement rules from the Vatican. Moreover, Francis obliged his board to be economical and transparent in the purchase of goods.

The Vatican has regularly faced allegations of fraud by dignitaries and reports of opaque real estate transactions in recent years. Earlier this week, it appeared that the church has invested for years in a manufacturer of the morning-after pill and the abortion pill.

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