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Pompeo: China is Experimenting with Germs in Several Labs

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United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thinks China is experimenting with infectious germs in multiple labs.


US President Donald Trump said earlier this week that the US is investigating the role that China has played in the spread of the new coronavirus.

“There are several labs in China today where we think we are working with infectious pathogens,” Foreign Minister and former intelligence chief CIA said in a news conference on Wednesday.

Pompeo said he did not know whether those laboratories, if any, are sufficiently secured to prevent another global outbreak. “Remember that this is not the first virus to come from China,” he added.

President Trump made a critical statement about China earlier this week.

He said “not to be happy with China” and “to believe that the virus could have been stopped at the source.” Trump also alluded to compensation from the Chinese.

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