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Police Take Protesters Off the Street at Top G20 Countries in Rome

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Italian police have taken dozens of protesters off the streets in Rome, where leaders of the G20 countries are holding a summit.


The Italian news agency ANSA reported that climate activists had sat down in the middle of a road, blocking the road to central Rome. According to Italian media, the activists offered no resistance when they were taken away by the police.

The leaders of the G20 countries will hold a two-day summit in Rome. They talk about, among other things, the corona pandemic and its economic consequences. They will also determine their position in the fight against climate change in the run-up to the important COP26 climate conference in Glasgow.

The G20 is made up of the 19 richest countries in the world and the European Union. They are responsible for the emission of an estimated 80 percent of all greenhouse gases in the world.

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