Sunday, April 14

Permanent Status in Russia for Ex-CIA Employee Snowden

Former CIA operative Edward Snowden who is wanted for espionage in the United States, has been granted permanent residency in Russia.


Russian media report that his lawyer has said things have taken a little longer than expected due to the corona crisis, but Snowden can now stay in Russia for as long as he wants.

Snowden was a system administrator who, in 2013, leaked widely looted information to newspapers about the US National Security Agency (NSA).

It spied online communications on a colossal scale with special techniques, in particular the computer program PRISM.

In June of that year, an arrest warrant for espionage was issued against him in the US. Snowden, now 37, fled the country and has been living in Russia for years.

The US Justice Department is also after Snowden for his book Permanent Record and has claimed a portion of the proceeds.

Lawyers for Snowden in the US have recently reached an agreement with the law, according to American media, and Snowden is said to give more than 5 million dollars.

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