Sunday, April 14

Oracle Becomes BMC’s Strategic Cloud Partner

Software company BMC will collaborate with Oracle for its Helix platform in the future. The collaboration is not exclusive, but it does offer advantages.


Helix is BMC’s IT service management portfolio. Today, the company announces that it is entering into a strategic partnership with Oracle. This means that Helix in the cloud runs by default on the Oracle Exadata Cloud Service on OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure).

The advantage for BMC is that it will eventually be able to run its software in all 37 cloud regions of Oracle, which should give advantages in speed and the local storage of data where it is needed.

For Oracle, this means that it can sell its Gen 2 cloud through BMC, although customers or users will hardly notice this in practice. “Once it’s running, you don’t know it’s running on OCI,” explains Chad McAfee, group vice president. ‘But the whole thing is seamless, and that’s how we make the Helix solutions available worldwide.’ Although it sounds like the collaboration will initially be set up mainly in the US. For Europe, it will start with two Oracle cloud regions.

The deal is not exclusive. Anyone who prefers another cloud provider can do so, given that BMC has also had a cloud-native offer around Helix since 2021.

“It can also be on AWS or Azure or other platforms, with Oracle there is also a range of APIs that are becoming increasingly popular, for example around managed services or software-defined storage,” said Margaret Lee, senior vice president and general manager at BMC, to Data News. . ‘But we are also careful when setting up our architecture.

Our approach remains that multi-cloud should be possible, but if a specific player has something that is of interest to us, we will study that too.’

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