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One Blunder after Another: That’s how the Queen has Never Treated

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One Blunder after Another: That’s how the Queen has Never Treated. US President Donald Trump met Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle for tea – making one or the other misstep.


On Friday afternoon (July 13), Queen Elizabeth (92) has received US President Donald Trump (72) and First Lady Melania (48) at Windsor Castle, reports Planet Engine.

But Trump did not give much to the protocol and violated the etiquette several times. The Queen kept her sphinx-like smile. The minutes that made you shake your head, you see in the video above.

For more than 10 minutes, the Queen waited for her announced visit. Twice she looked at the clock, wrote a Twitter user and asked confused: “I’ve never seen the Queen waiting for someone like that – what’s going on ?!”

There was a panic. Irritated tweeted a TV viewer: “Trump will move about the Queen of England?” “I can not believe that # Trump makes the #Queen wait,” tweeted a woman stunned.

When the presidential couple finally arrives, the first protocol break follows. But the Queen smiles and inspects the Guard with “The Donald”. A Twitter user posted a video showing Trump getting a little clumsy in front of her.

She cleverly bypasses him. “This unpleasant moment when Trump stands directly in front of the queen after having to wait fifteen minutes for his arrival,” commented the video commentator.

Why there was a delay on arrival is unclear. Nevertheless, the Queen did not seem to be out of humour, although she repeatedly looked at the clock, according to “”.

She chatted with the US presidential couple with a smile. A professional like Elizabeth II does not show any annoyance anyway. After the military honours, a tea hour followed in the castle.

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