Sunday, April 14

Number of Corona Patients on French ICs Back to First Wave Level

The number of corona patients in intensive-care units of French hospitals is back to the same level as a year ago during the first corona wave.


With a total of 6001 cases on the ICs, the 6000 marks have been exceeded, for the first time since April 17, 2020, the authorities report.

The latest peak comes on the day that some corona measures have been relaxed in France. Primary schools and day-care centres reopened.

In regions with many corona cases, such as Paris and the surrounding area, there are still restrictions. Furthermore, a school must close immediately if an infection is detected.

Secondary schools are scheduled to open their doors next week. Residents can also travel again to France from May 3. The unpopular 7 pm curfew remains in place but could be shortened slightly soon, President Emmanuel Macron said.

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