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No Postponement of Bribery Case Against Sick Berlusconi

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The bribery case against Italian ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is not being postponed; a court has ruled.


A temporary suspension had been requested by the prosecutor due to the health problems of the 84-year-old politician.

The court says it is optimistic about the recovery of the Forza Italia leader. That is why the next hearing will take place on September 8. Although that will take a while, the prosecution and defence are not enthusiastic.

According to the prosecution, it is unlikely that Berlusconi will be cured of his “psychiatric and neurological disorders” by then. His own lawyer warns that Berlusconi’s inability to attend the trial could be detrimental to the other suspects. The trial has been postponed numerous times due to Berlusconi’s health.

The lawsuit is about bribing witnesses during an earlier trial about his connotation with a minor prostitute. Berlusconi was penalized for seven years in prison for this in 2013 but was guiltless on appeal.

In the new trial, a total of 29 suspects are on trial, including the young women that Berlusconi is said to have bribed.

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