Sunday, April 14

Nearly 2,000 Homes Destroyed in Afghanistan Earthquake

Nearly 2,000 homes have been destroyed in the remote region of Afghanistan that was hit by a massive earthquake. So says the humanitarian coordinator for the United Nations in Afghanistan, Ramiz Alakbarov.


UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, in turn, called on the international community to “help support the hundreds of families affected by the disaster”. He also pointed out that the country has been “suffered by conflict, economic hardship and famine for years”.

According to Alakbarov, who gave a press conference at the UN headquarters in Kabul, the number of displaced persons could be much higher than the houses left in ruins. “The average Afghan family consists of seven or eight people,” he said. In addition, several families often live under one roof. The lack of excavators is delaying rescue efforts, Alakbarov also said.

The earthquake, with a magnitude of 5.9, struck an isolated border area in southeastern Afghanistan on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. There would have been at least a thousand fatalities.

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