Sunday, April 14

Mysterious Disease in Ivory Coast Already Claims 20 Deaths

At least 20 people, mostly children, have died of a mysterious illness since December in a village in the centre of the West African country of Ivory Coast.

This is evident from a new balance that the French news agency AFP obtained from local sources.

“Up to January 26, we had twelve deaths. On Thursday, the death toll rose to 20, including two adults.” In contrast, “not a single adult had been affected,” said Paul Kouassi, president of a youth association in the village of Kpo-Kahankro, about 20 kilometres from Bouak√©. . Other villagers confirmed the balance.

Kouassi added that the adult victims were women aged 60 and 70. They died in Bouak√© hospital “after showing the same symptoms as the first victims”, namely vomiting and diarrhoea.

Incidentally, 33 other villagers were recently admitted to the intensive care unit with similar symptoms.

After the first deaths, several ministers already came to the village to evaluate the situation on site. It remains to wait for the results of analyzes that should clarify what is going on. Meanwhile, the villagers themselves believe that witchcraft is involved.

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