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Morocco Intercepts 107 Migrants in the Mediterranean Sea

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The Moroccan Navy has intercepted 107 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea who were trying to reach the Spanish coast. That said a military source to the Moroccan Press Agency (MAP).


The migrants, including those from sub-Saharan Asia and Africa, were returned to the ports of Tangier and Nador on Sunday and Monday.

Located on the northwestern tip of Africa, Morocco is a transit country for many migrants who dream of reaching Europe.

But this route is rarely followed by migrants from Asia, mostly Burmese or Afghans, according to the Moroccan Association of Human Rights in Nador.

Despite tighter controls and movement restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, migration flows to Europe have not stopped, both in the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic (where migrants are trying to reach the Canary Islands).

In 2019, according to the Moroccan authorities, approximately 74,000 “illegal immigration” attempts to neighbouring Spain were stopped.

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