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Mike Pence Will Run Against Donald Trump in 2024 Presidential Election

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For four years he was the right-hand man of former US President Donald Trump, but in the presidential elections of 2024, he wants to take his chance. And even if Trump rises again, Mike Pence (62) won’t budge.


Former Vice President Mike Pence is currently doing everything he can to regain his credit with Republican voters. And that is why he is increasingly distancing himself from former President Trump.
Pence is currently one of a small group of Republicans who, no matter what Trump does, want to run for president in 2024.

He’s stepping on stage Monday night with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is the most notable move in his campaign to date, according to The New York Times. Kemp is the main target of Trump’s revenge campaign after it failed to give in to the election lies spread by the former president.

In a statement ahead of Pence’s visit to Georgia, Trump belittled his vice president through a spokesman. Mike Pence was set to lose a gubernatorial race in 2016 before being picked up and his political career saved. “Now, desperate to pursue his lost relevance, Pence jumps into the race, hoping someone is paying attention. The reality is that nothing is stopping President Trump from saving America in 2022 and beyond.”

Last month, Pence refused to rule out running for election. Even if Trump will run in the 2024 primaries. “We’ll go where we’re called,” Pence said.

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