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Merkel Hopes She Doesn’t Enter the History Books As Lazy

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Angela Merkel hopes that she will not enter the history books like a lazy chancellor. On a forum presented by the television channel WDR, she spoke briefly about her future after leaving politics.


Merkel is often seen as not lazy but as hardworking. She is known for having a packed schedule. In 2015 she travelled to Kyiv, Moscow, Washington, Ottawa and Minsk within a week. She consulted for 17 hours.

The Chancellor said before that she stores sleep like a camel stores water. As a result, she could take lengthy consultations. She recently used this during negotiations about a European aid fund and about German corona measures. At the end of the night, negotiators are often tired and are more likely to give in.

It is not yet known what Merkel will do after September when she is no longer Chancellor. The 66-year-old politician may retire.

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