Sunday, April 14

Man Storms into British Restaurants and Injects Chemical: 15 People Injured

The British police were hunting a masked man who ran into several restaurants and a supermarket around seven o’clock (local time) last night and sprayed a chemical.


Fifteen visitors experienced breathing difficulties.

Branches of Pizza Hut, Tesco and McDonald’s in Upper Gornal, in the West Midlands region, were the target of the attack, the British Mail Online reports.

It is still unclear precisely what the man shot into the air. One of the victims was in bad shape and had to go to a hospital. The other fourteen were handled on-site by fire department chemical experts.

None of those present appears to have sustained permanent damage. West Midlands police are today scouring video from security cameras to find clues to the attacker’s identity.

“We are investigating the attack with an unknown chemical substance,” said a police spokesman. The motive of the man is also still unclear.

“We are now quickly reviewing the security footage and speaking to witnesses,” the spokesman said.

“It’s frightening how close this gets,” said local resident Glen Simms in response to the message. “It’s not even safe to go to the supermarket anymore.” “The forensics department has investigated all three restaurants. Today they will analyze the chemical.

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