Sunday, April 14

London Police Start Investigation into Lockdown Parties of Boris Johnson

The Metropolitan Police opens an investigation into the parties that have taken place in Downing Street, the official residence of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Police Commissioner Cressida Dick confirmed this during Tuesday’s London City Council committee meeting.


Police have been investigating “possible violations of the corona measures” in the past two years within 10 Downing Street and Whitehall, the centre of government in London, the commissioner said, according to the BBC.

She also reports that the police will conduct their investigation “without fear or prejudice” and will provide updates “at key moments” during the investigation. “The fact that we are now conducting an investigation does not, of course, mean that all involved will receive fixed sentences in all cases,” it still sounds.

Johnson plans to “cooperate fully” with the police. “He will fully cooperate in any way he is asked,” said a spokesman for the prime minister. In a statement, the prime minister said he is pleased that an investigation is being opened “to bring clarity to the public and draw a line under the issues”. However, he also said he and his government are focused on “the people’s priorities”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been under fire for weeks for ‘party gate’, revelations about parties at his official residence during the corona lockdowns. The number of parties is also increasing. On Monday, British channel ITV reported that Johnson had a birthday party with 30 invitees during the first lockdown.

The results of an internal investigation by top government official Sue Gray are expected later this week. Johnson’s political future may depend on that investigation. Several members of his party want the prime minister to step aside. Experts, therefore, believe that a vote of no confidence is inevitable.

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