Sunday, April 14

London Mayor Asks UK Government to Admit Brexit Doesn’t Work

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is set to call on Downing Street in a speech on Thursday to admit Britain’s departure from the EU has caused “immense damage” and that ” Brexit has failed”. This is evident from parts of Khan’s speech, which were sent to the French news agency AFP.

“After two years of denial, we now have to face the solid truth: Brexit is not working,” the speech reads. Instead, Brexit “weakened our economy, broke our Union and tarnished our reputation,” Sadiq said in the speech at Mansion House, his official residence and the financial heart of the capital and country.

But this “is not irreparable”, he believes. “We need more alignment with our European neighbours – a change in this extreme, hard Brexit,” which includes “a pragmatic debate about the benefits of joining the customs union and the single market,” he says.

The realism is that the City, London’s powerful financial centre, is being hit hard by losing business and talent to other European centres such as Paris and Amsterdam, the mayor of London said.

Sustenance for Brexit is at an all-time low across the Channel: less than a third of Britons believe it was the right choice, according to a November survey by YouGov.

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