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London is Taking New Measures to Discourage Travel

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The UK government is taking new measures to discourage travel during the corona pandemic. People who want to leave the country must provide a statement explaining the necessity of their trip.


“It is clear that too many people are still entering or leaving our country every day,” Interior Minister Priti Patel defended the measure on Wednesday.

The UK government is also working on a measure to quarantine travellers from 22 countries entering England in hotels. That quarantine should last ten days, Patel said.

The list includes Brazil, Portugal, South Africa and Cape Verde. The measure is related to virus variants that originated in Brazil and South Africa. These are considered to be more contagious than the original virus.

According to various British media, a hotel’s compulsory stay will cost the returning traveller an estimated 1500 pounds. It would make a trip abroad unaffordable for most Britons.

Patel said the new plans for travellers still need to be worked out further and that it is still unclear when the measures will take effect.

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