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Laptop Thieves Active in the European Parliament During the Lockdown

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Strangers have stolen laptops, tablets and other items from offices in the European Parliament in Brussels.


This happened when the parliament buildings were almost abandoned because of the corona pandemic. The parliament has launched an investigation, a spokesperson said.

Two laptops were stolen from the closet six weeks ago from the office of German MEP Nico Semsrott, he said in a video on social media.

According to him, at least fifty colleagues have been robbed and perhaps a hundred. Parliament does not want to mention numbers.

Semsrott does not rule out that the thief or thieves had a key to the offices. A tablet was stolen from the green representative Thomas Waitz. The intruder, he said, had a key to his office.

According to both MEPs, part of the surveillance cameras were turned off during the burglaries. Semsrott believes that the parliamentary services have reacted far too passively. He speaks of a great scandal.

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