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Judge Withdraws Jacob Blake’s Warrant

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Jacob Blake, shot by the American police, is no longer handcuffed to his hospital bed. A judge annulled the arrest warrant issued against him on Friday.


Blake was then allowed to take off his handcuffs, and the officers who guarded his room were sent away, his lawyer announced. The arrest warrant had been issued before the shooting on three charges against him for domestic violence.

Earlier on Friday, Blake’s family complained on CNN about the way he is being treated. “He is paralyzed, cannot walk, and they have handcuffed him to bed. Why?” An uncle wondered.

Blake has been in the hospital for days. He was seriously injured when police shot him seven times in the back in Kenosha town. This led to outrage, demonstrations and riots.

In the US, large-scale demonstrations have been going on for months against what protesters see as excessive police brutality against black Americans like Blake.

It is still unclear why police opened fire on the 29-year-old man, who is in a hospital in Wauwatosa.

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