Sunday, April 14

“Jennifer Lawrence Secretly Gets Married”

“Jennifer Lawrence Secretly gets Married.” With a visit to a court in New York, Jennifer Lawrence and her fianc√© Cooke Maroney started the rumour machine about a marriage.


According to various American media, the couple got married on Monday.

Since the tweet that has been removed, another visitor to the court,

 where marriages are also being handled in the US, said that she had spotted Jennifer there.

“If you pick up your wedding papers, Jennifer Lawrence walks by to get married,” the actress’s fellow-townsman said.

Also images been posted on Monday where Jennifer and Cooke left the court with a pile of documents in their hands.

The two were seen together for the first time last year.

In February, the Oscar winner’s spokesperson confirmed that she was engaged to Cooke, who owns a gallery in New York.

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