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Japan Wants to Boost Birth Rates Through Artificial Intelligence

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The birth rate in Japan is declining year after year. Birth rates need to rise, and technology should help with that, the Japanese authorities conclude.


The government wants to boost the declining birth rate in the country by investing in artificial intelligence.

Last year, the number of babies in Japan fell below 865,000. That number was not that low since the 1989 census. The rapidly ageing country has long been looking for ways to increase one of the world’s lowest birth rates.

The usage of artificial intelligence is a new attempt to tackle that problem. The government will allocate 2 billion yen to the local authorities to boost the birth rate, AFP news agency reports.

Several cities are already using dating agencies. A man and a woman are matched by these agencies based on income and age.

Local media say that the funding is intended to roll out more advanced AI systems that take into account hobbies, interests and how someone thinks about norms and values.

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