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Janssen is Delivering Far Fewer Corona Vaccines to Europe This Week

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The European Union will only receive half of the corona vaccines from Janssen this week that it was counting on. The company hopes to make up for the delay this month, say EU sources.


The manufacturer of the Dutch-made vaccine had already fallen behind with the delivery of the 55 million doses that would be delivered before July 1. The counter is currently running out at less than 5 million vaccines.

Both parent company Johnson & Johnson and the European Commission continue to count on the promised deliveries for the second quarter to be delivered.

The company has halved this week’s delivery, an insider said, according to Reuters news agency. The commission, which concluded the contract on behalf of the EU countries, does not want to confirm this. A spokesperson does agree that there is “a temporary reduction”. It will be “taken care of fairly soon”, the Johnson & Johnson committee has understood.

The pharmaceutical giant produces the drug, one injection that already provides sufficient protection against the coronavirus, in the United States and Leiden.

In the US, Johnson & Johnson is facing persistent production problems, which are once again the source of the slowdown, says a Brussels source.

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