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Italy is Struggling With Vaccines: Essential Workers is A Very Broad Concept

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Unlike the rest of Europe, Italian death rates are not declining: the country reported 487 deaths on Thursday, almost the same as when the vaccination campaign began in late December.


That’s because too many vaccines are going to young people.

Less than 40 percent of Italian vaccines so far went to people over 80. The remainder ended up in the arms of medical personnel working with Covid patients and ended up with lawyers, judges, pharmacists, bank employees, medical students, or secretaries.

Only 57 percent of the over-80s received the first injection until the beginning of April.

The root of the problem is the vague vaccine strategy. “As more vaccines come, we will start with other categories of essential workers. Teachers, police, prison staff, community workers, etcetera,” Minister Roberto Speranza wrote at the beginning of January.

For the regional administrators, the “etcetera” was the start of a lobby to rake in as many vaccines as possible for “their” critical groups.

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