Sunday, April 14

Italian Prime Minister Draghi Gets Shot With AstraZeneca Vaccine

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi says he will be injected with the corona vaccine from pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca as soon as he has made an appointment for it.


According to the 73-year-old prime minister, the drug is safe.

“My age group can apply for a corona vaccination, and I will do that soon. When it is my turn, I will be injected with AstraZeneca,” said Draghi. “My son already got one in the UK this week.”

Recently there has been concern about the drug. It would cause thrombosis, so several countries, including the Netherlands and Italy, stopped using the vaccine.

However, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said the vaccine is safe to use. Almost all countries that had temporarily stopped using the vaccine indicated that it would be safe to use.

In Italy, 200,000 fewer people were vaccinated last week due to the temporary stop. According to Draghi, this delay is “not disastrous”.

On Friday, the British and French prime ministers were vaccinated with the vaccine from AstraZeneca, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would like to be vaccinated with the drug.

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