Sunday, April 14

ING: Investor Confidence Stable Despite Falling Stock Markets

ING: Investor confidence Stable despite Falling stock Markets. The price falls of last month have hardly affected investor confidence. It is evident from the ING Investor Barometer of October.


The index dropped slightly from 137 to 132 points. A level of 100 is observed as neutral.

The state of 132 shows that confidence in the stock market is still high.

According to the reports, Brexit is viewed as the biggest threat to their investments,

 followed by the trade war between China and the United States. The condition in Italy also creates uncertainty.

“People remain positive, and I understand that fundamentally there are no major differences in economic terms in recent times,”

 says Bob Homan, head of the ING Investment Office.

“Things like Brexit and the trading wars have been going on for a while, that’s not new.”

The financial exchanges around the world dropped considerably last week.

The AEX closed Friday at the lowest point since June 2017.

The stock market closed at 507.5 points. In Amsterdam, the stock market fell by just under 8 percent in October.

In other countries, such as France, the stock market dropped almost a tenth of its value.

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