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Illegal Migration to Britain Peaks Despite British Government’s Rwanda Plan

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Illegal migration to Britain by boat is peaking, despite a government plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. At least 444 people made the crossing on Tuesday, the highest number since it was announced that asylum seekers could be deported to Africa.


More than 10,700 migrants will sail from France to England this year, according to British broadcaster Sky News, a doubling from the same period a year earlier. The number is expected to increase further as the weather improves. In all of 2021, just over 28,500 people clandestinely crossed the Channel.

The British want to stop the boat trips and also involve other countries. Britain has agreed with Rwanda that the African country would take in tens of thousands of asylum seekers for a fee. The plan was presented on April 14. That was a day after 651 people had made the crossing, the highest daily figure of 2022 to date.

The first deportation of asylum seekers to Rwanda was cancelled at the last minute on Tuesday. The European Court of Human Rights blocked the flight by drawing a line through the departure of one illegal migrant. Seven migrants were expected to be deported on Tuesday. Initially, 130 people were going to go to Rwanda, but that number was considerably reduced due to legal disputes, among other things.

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