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Hundreds of Thousands of Germans in Quarantine Because of Coronavirus

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Hundreds of thousands of Germans are in quarantine because of the coronavirus, says German health minister Jens Spahn.


Some have tested positive themselves, and many others have been in contact with someone with the coronavirus and therefore have to stay indoors.

Spahn himself has recently recovered from an infection with the lung virus. He said at his first press conference since the recovery that he is “glad he did not have more severe symptoms.”

According to the minister, Germany is at a crucial point in the fight against the virus. The number of people on a ventilator because of the virus is rising rapidly. November will be a tough month for Germany, Spahn said.

For now, there are still enough beds in intensive care in Germany. That says Uwe Janssens of the German organization of ic’s DIVI. “There is plenty of room for corona patients and people with other problems.”

A partial lockdown has been in effect in Germany since Monday. The government hopes to reduce the number of new infections significantly.

According to the head of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), it is still too early to say what the outcome will be, although the contamination curve appears to be flattening. “Things will only go in the right direction if the reproduction number is 0.7 for a longer period.”

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