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How to Choose A Safe Bunk Bed for Your Kid

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A bunk bed is a kind of bed which is designed to expand the surface area and to accommodate two people to share a standard room without occupying the space for another bed. It finds its applications in army garrisons, dormitories and kids room.

Parents being very possessive about their child must be careful while choosing a bunk bed for their kids because children being adventurous need more space on the floor to play. So keeping in view their comfort and safety, parents need to be much conscious while choosing the interior for the room of their kid.


Here are some tips that will help you buy the safest bunk beds for your kids

Choose a hard staircase
Kids are very enthusiastic and adventurous. We are all conscious of the fact that how they turn their rooms into the play lands and imaginary battlefields. It is imperative that you refer to a bunk bed with a hard staircase.

A loosely attached delicate staircase indeed looks beautiful and elegant, but your kids can get hurt in an attempt to hang or jump over them. A hard and firm staircase will give them proper support and save them from falling apart.

Prefer Water paint coating
Choose the bed with water paint coating. Don’t prefer to lead coated bed because it is harmful to health and can cause severe damages to your kid.

Choose a bed with boundaries
Always select a bed that contains edges at least on the upper portion. This will prevent your kids from falling apart, and you will sleep in peace knowing that your kid will be safe all night.

Detachable Mattress
Some bunk beds come with the fixed mattresses as well. They look convenient as you have to take care of cleaning and do not have to worry about keeping it in place, but they are less safe for your kids. The detachable mattress will help you clean them better, and you can ensure that there are no bed bugs or dust mites around.

Wooden Bunk Bed is better
Consider a bunk made up of wood due to its durability and sturdy nature. It’s also good you’re your kid’s health. Make sure that it does not have any sharp edges that can hurt your kids.

Choosing an excellent bunk bed is essential as you need to have a surety about your kid’s safety along with his comfort.

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