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Holes in Trump Phone Records on the Day of Parliament Storming

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The White House log that records then-President Donald Trump’s phone calls shows gaps on the day of the storming of parliament. The New York Times writes that the parliamentary committee investigating the January 6, 2021 storming has found few call data.


Investigators who wanted to know what Trump was doing at the time are known to have made many phone calls during the crucial hours of the attack, the paper said. But they found no evidence of tampering with log data. It is well known that Trump often called from his personal cell phone or that of confidants or associates. But, according to The New York Times, Trump made a habit of avoiding recording communications.

The low number of calls made on official White House telephones poses a major obstacle to the investigative panel’s most important task: to map what Trump was doing behind closed doors at crucial moments of the Capitol storming by his supporters. The committee is still waiting for material from the National Archives and telecom companies ordered to transfer call data from Trump and his entourage’s private telephones.

With the storming, Trump supporters wanted to avoid confirming Joe Biden’s victory in the late 2020 presidential election. The Democrat-dominated House of Representatives committee is investigating the White House’s role in the riots.

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