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High Corona Figures: Bolsonaro is Guilty of the Greatest Genocide in Our History

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Brazilian former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (75) thinks his successor Jair Bolsonaro should apologize for his management of the corona crisis.


In an interview published today in the German weekly Der Spiegel, Lula even blames the head of state for “the greatest genocide in Brazil’s history.”

On Tuesday, 3,158 people died of Covid-19 in Brazil. It is the greatest genocide in our history,” said Lula. “Our attention should not be drawn to next year’s elections, but to the fight against the coronavirus and the vaccination of the population. We have to save Brazil from Covid-19.”

President Bolsonaro has been downplaying the situation since the start of the pandemic. Four days ago, he went a step further.

In a short televised address, he defended his government’s approach and once again demonstrated his opposition to corona measures. In their own words, to protect jobs and avoid “economic chaos”.

He also claimed that sufficient vaccines would be available and that Brazilians would now be able to return to their “normal life” quickly, despite the high death rates. “We are tireless in our fight against the coronavirus. This is our mission, and we will fulfil it”, it said.

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