Sunday, April 14

Hackers Extort Developers On GitHub

Hackers Extort developers on GitHub by taking code Hostage. Hackers have hosted codes from hundreds of developers on the GitHub developer platform, according to the reports.


The criminals ask for a sum of money to release the information.

The attacks are said to have started on Friday.

Developers use GitHub primarily for open source software.

They place a code on the platform to help others with the development.

Hackers have deleted codes from at least 392 developers.

In a message, the hackers let developers know that the information will only be returned if they pay 0.1 bitcoin.

“Your code has been downloaded and is on our servers”, is a message from the hackers to the victims.

“If you don’t believe we have your data, we can provide evidence.”

“Information is not deleted”
It is not explicit how hackers gain access to accounts.

But some victims have admitted using weak passwords.

On the StackExchange Security forum, users got that information is not deleted but is stored differently.

In some cases, data can still be restored without paying.

People on Twitter are also encouraged by developers to contact the umbrella company Git if their information is taken, hostage.

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