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Greece is Partly Reversing the Reopening of Stores

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Greece has quickly rebounded from the decision to reopen shops, hairdressers, beauty salons and garages.


After a little under two weeks, they have to close again in densely populated areas where the number of corona infections has increased.

The country has shelved plans to reopen secondary schools on February 1. Primary schools and childcare will remain open.

Especially in the capital Athens, where almost half of the 11 million Greeks live, and the surrounding region, the number of infections is rising rapidly. This is of great concern to the experts who advise the government.

The second lockdown that was relaxed on January 18 will be tightened up again, at least until February 8. Customers are still allowed to order items in stores by telephone or online to collect them later.

Measures to combat the coronavirus had remained in effect. For example, people have to stay in after 9 p.m.

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