Sunday, April 14

Google Sued by 38 US States for Market Abuse

Google has received its third US antitrust case in two months. Prosecutors from 38 US states are suing the US company for alleged market abuse. They accuse the search engine giant of unauthorized sidelining of competitors.


The charges are brought by the states of Iowa and Colorado. The news comes shortly after the announcement that ten states led by the Texas Public Prosecutor have filed lawsuits against Google for unfair trade practices.

The new indictment accuses Google of making deals with customers or partners that slow consumers down to competing for search engines.

The tech company would also favour its own search engine with specific marketing software, while customers are being told that Google does not receive preferential treatment.

According to the Iowa prosecutor, Google uses the same exclusion tactics in emerging technologies. For example, with its voice-controlled assistant, the group would especially favour its own Internet search functions.

In October, the federal Justice Department already accused Google of abusing its dominant market position. On Wednesday, ten states accused the Alphabet subsidiary of having made unfair deals with Facebook in another case.

A collaboration between the two internet companies favoured advertisers on Facebook over Google. They would also have made price agreements.

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