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Google Street View Cars Will Measure Air Quality In Amsterdam

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Google Street View cars will Measure air quality in Amsterdam. Google and the municipality of Amsterdam are working together on Project Air View to measure air quality in the city.


That happens with Google Street View cars.

Google cars will measure air quality at street level from mid-May 2019 up to and including mid-2020.

Street View cars are equipped with air sensors by scientists from Utrecht University.

They measure the amounts of nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, fine dust and black carbon in the air.

The university works collectively with the municipality of Amsterdam and Google to lead the analysis and to validate the data.

The consequences of the research must provide insight into quality.

According to Google, information about air pollution can help improve the situation.

The municipality of Amsterdam states that the average Amsterdammer lives a year shorter due to dirty air.

Google has been taking this type of measurement in US cities in the last five years.

Since last year, air quality has also been measured in London and Copenhagen.

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