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Google is Discontinuing Free Unlimited Photo Storage

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Google will soon be discontinuing free unlimited storage for photos. Those who want to continue using the service next year must pay or choose what is kept.


Google Photos is an app and service that automatically saves your photos online. Google does not store those files in the original resolution, but it does maintain a fairly high quality, which has made the online photo vault a popular destination for free storage of photos in recent years.

However, that will soon end. The free option will remain up to 15 gigabytes, but those who want to use more than that from June 1, 2021 will be directed to a paid version in a Google One subscription. In addition, you pay 19.99 euros per year for 100GB, 29.99 euros for 200GB and 99.99 euros per year for two terabytes.

It is important to know that Google uses one data pot for all your products. So the 15 gigabytes you get for free is used by Google Photos, Gmail and Google Drive (including Docs and Sheets).

Google itself puts it into perspective that most users will not bump into that limit in the first years. Although that largely depends on which services you use. After all, anyone who has had Gmail or Google Drive for several years will already use quite a lot of storage.

According to Google, 28 billion photos and videos are currently added to the service every week. Charging money for this must keep the service viable in the long term.

But it seems that Google especially wants to keep a great clean in the data it has to keep. For example, the company also announces that it can now delete data from accounts that have not been active for two years.

Those accounts are warned well in advance. But anyone who has ever created an account with Google and has not used it for a long time, therefore, risks that the account will disappear, or at least the data it contains.

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