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Germans and Austrians In Line for Corona Vaccine

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Germans and Austrians are rushing to get a corona vaccine now that a vaccination certificate is needed in more and more places, and the number of infections is rising rapidly. As a result, there are queues at vaccination centres.


Compared to other Western European countries, the two countries have a low vaccination rate and are overwhelmed by a new wave of infection. For example, in Austria, 65 percent of the population has been vaccinated, and in Germany, 68.

In Austria and for the time being seven German federal states, only vaccinated and people who have been cured of corona can receive an admission ticket for, for example, restaurants, hairdressers and sporting events, the so-called 2G rule.

In Germany, 436,000 shots were taken on Tuesday, of which 300,000 were boosters. This is the highest number in three months. “A sign that many citizens recognize the need,” said a government spokesman. But it’s not enough, Chancellor Merkel said, referring to the “dramatic” situation.

In Austria, a lockdown has been declared for the approximately 2 million inhabitants who have not been (fully) vaccinated. In the Alpine country, an average of 73,000 vaccines a day was administered last week, almost four times as many as in October. However, in many cases, it is about booster shots.

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