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Gaza and Israel Bombings: 26 Palestinians and 2 Israelis Have Already Died

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In the Gaza Strip, at least 26 Palestinians have already been killed by Israeli bombings. In Israel, 2 people were killed by rockets fired from Gaza. The two-way attacks continue after a very troubling day yesterday in East Jerusalem.


Hundreds of rockets have been fired from Gaza at southern Israel since 6 p.m. local time last night. In retaliation for Israel’s “crimes and aggression,” says Palestinian Islamist organization Hamas and Israeli security forces in and around Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem, a holy place for Muslims. That other group, Jihad, also fires missiles at Israel.

Many of those missiles do not hit the target, but a few attacks have killed 2 Israelis. It concerns 2 women, and they died in 2 different places in the southern city of Ashkelon. In the same city, at least 70 people are already in the hospital. Hamas itself claims it fired 137 missiles at Ashkelon in 5 minutes. The city is located to the north of the Gaza Strip.

In response to the missiles from Gaza, Israel started bombing parts of Gaza last night. These bombings lasted all night and continue today. In Gaza, the number of victims is higher than on the Israeli side. At least 26 Palestinians would have died; according to the Palestinian emergency services, there are at least 9 children. According to the Israeli army, among those 26 dead, there were at least 16 “militants”.

Israeli Prime Minister (in current affairs) Benjamin Netanyahu announced after the deaths of the 2 women that Israel will step up the intensity and frequency of its bombing of Gaza. “Hamas will get a beating it didn’t expect,” Netanyahu put it.

The rocket attacks and bombings all over again started last night after a day of unrest and rioting between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police in East Jerusalem. Even before noon, more than 300 people had been injured.

A planned afternoon march of nationalist Jews through the Palestinian quarters of East Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day was finally called off at the last minute to prevent further clashes. Thousands of Jews who had already assembled nevertheless passed through East Jerusalem for a time. When missiles were fired from Gaza into the Jerusalem area, police began to break the march.

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