Sunday, April 14

G Suite New Apps Take Place in Gmail

Gmail is ready for one of its most significant redesigns in years. The new interface adds Chat, Meet and Rooms to the inbox, among other things, and has to transform the service of a mailbox into a productivity software.


In a blog post, Google indicates that it wants to improve the integration between its primary forms of communication. These are e-mail, Chat and video.

This means that you can now start meetings via video directly from your inbox. This part of the redesign has already been partly rolled out. Integration of Meet (Google’s video conferencing platform) was built into Gmail for web, Android and iOS.

Integration of Google Chat for Gmail was also rolled out, although only on the web for the time being. One of the more noticeable features here is the ability to forward chat messages to your inbox in Gmail.

As of this week, G Suite customers can also bring documents into Chat and create separate channels (‘rooms’) to communicate with people inside and outside the company.

You can also pin frequently used ‘rooms’ so that you find them faster. Integration for apps like DocuSign or Salesforce is also provided, in Gmail, Chat as well as in the different ‘rooms’.

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