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French Competition Investigation into Apple After Complaint

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France is investigating whether tech group Apple favours its own apps in the privacy surrounding advertisements. The French competition watchdog does this after complaints from advertisers.


There will be no ban on privacy measures that Apple will soon introduce in a software update. The complaining advertisers had asked for this.

In a new version of the iOS operating system, Apple wants to oblige apps that track user behaviour and sell advertisements on that basis to request permission for this explicitly. Advertisers fear that this will make their advertising less efficient.

Facebook has also been complaining about this announced change for some time and claims that this is at the expense of smaller companies that rely on highly targeted advertising.

Incidentally, the competition watchdog’s investigation does not focus so much on these new privacy measures, but mainly on whether Apple imposes the same requirements on its own apps. It is also looking at how Apple came to introduce the extra measure.

Apple has long been trying to differentiate itself by convincing consumers that it is more privacy-oriented than other tech companies.

The French competition authority’s investigation is not the only thing running against Apple in the case. The French regulator for protecting personal data is also looking at Apple’s own advertising system after a complaint from advertisers.

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