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Former McDonald’s CEO Pays Back $105 Million After Lies About Affairs

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The former McDonald’s CEO will pay the fast-food chain back his full severance payment of $105 million. McDonald’s had sued Steve Easterbrook, who had been fired for transgressive behaviour, and both parties have now settled.


The man is said to have had sexual relations with several employees. Easterbrook then allegedly lied about it and hid evidence in an investigation into his behaviour. As a result, he left the company in November 2019 with a severance package worth more than $105 million in cash and stock.

McDonald’s sued Easterbrook in August last year for never providing a full picture of its relationships with employees. The company was aware of one relationship with an employee when the CEO was fired. An anonymous tip revealed Easterbrook had further sexual relations with other employees while he was in charge.

Dozens of sexually explicit photos, videos and other evidence of the relationships were found in his company email. He has sent them as attachments to his personal email address.

Since April this year, McDonald’s employees have been receiving anti-harassment training and a course to prevent violence in the workplace. With the resilience training, which staff are required to follow, the chain responded to criticism that the abuse in the workplace would be overlooked.

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