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Former F1 Pilot gives Fernando Alonso Remarkable Advice

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Former McLaren driver Jenson Button knows all too well what to do in the midfield of the F1 without a chance of victory. The Brit has a piece of advice for Fernando Alonso, the teammate of our compatriot Stoffel Vandoorne.


Now let that be the fate of his former teammate at McLaren, Fernando Alonso. Although it does not run for another meter this year, the Spaniard is doing everything he can to avoid losing face. He appears to be the only one who believes in getting better for the Woking race.

“He still loves it, but being ninth as a double world champion is not something you just want to become,” Button said to “Sky” after the ninth place of Alonso in Silverstone.

“I do not know what he will do next year, but it is clear that they need a big turnaround at McLaren. He must have enormous confidence that they will succeed next year. “

At the end of 2016, Button gave it a shot after a few difficult seasons at McLaren. If there is someone who can understand a rider who has slipped to the midfield in recent years, he is. He thinks it might be time for Alonso to say goodbye to the F1 and to look for other places.

“I hear how frustrated he is about his messages about the onboard radio,” Button continues. “His goal is to win the Indy 500 and conquer the Triple Crown, and I think he will have a good chance next year.”

“From a driver, he has enough experience, it is time for something else,” Button concludes.

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