Sunday, April 14

Fewer Corona Rules for Vaccinated German

Germans who have been fully vaccinated or cured of Covid-19 will soon no longer have to adhere to some strict corona measures, as will people who have tested negative for the virus.


The parliament in Berlin is considering a bill to this effect this week, but a majority has already supported it.

Vaccine recipients and those who have recovered are given access to shops, hairdressers and other service providers more quickly and without testing. This group will also receive an exemption from the curfew and the right to a more significant number of social contacts.

When they return to Germany, they do not have to be quarantined unless they return from an area where a virus variant is persistent. A mouth mask and the distance rules will continue to apply. Some federal states are already applying parts of the new rules, which will probably officially take effect on Saturday.

More than one in twelve of the 84 million Germans has now been fully vaccinated, and 3 million inhabitants have been declared cured of Covid-19.

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