Sunday, April 14

Famous Show Wrestler Ric Flair Rushed To The Hospital

Famous Show wrestler Ric Flair rushed to the Hospital. The famous show wrestler Ric Flair was rushed to a hospital in Atlanta.


The American artist and athlete would be in critical condition.

The seventy-year-old legend, who came out in the WWE and was active in the wrestling sport up to and including 2011,

 was brought to an artificial coma for eleven days two years ago.

That occurred after tearing his gut.

What Ric Flair (real name Richard Fliehr) saves this time is, according to the reports, not yet disclosed by his spokespersons.

During his 40-year career Flair went through the WCW, WWF, WWE and TNA wrestling federations,

 and is seen by many experts and colleagues as one of the greatest show wrestlers ever.

His nickname was “The Nature Boy.”

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