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Facebook’s Apologies For Censoring Passage US Declaration Of Independence

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Facebook’s Apologies for Censoring passage US Declaration of Independence. Facebook has apologised for labelling a passage from the American declaration of independence as hate speech. The relevant message is now online again.


Facebook had to go through the dust after the social medium took the message posted by an American newspaper earlier this week offline, reports Business Insider. In the report, a part of the statement of independence was quoted, writes Dawn News.

The newspaper from the state of Texas posted messages from the declaration of independence in the run-up to Independence Day on 4 July.

The message contained the words ‘Indian Savages’, freely translated as ‘primitive Indians’. The words were notified by the Facebook algorithms, after which the message had removed.

Facebook uses both algorithms and human moderators for its message policy.

The company has previously verified that the algorithms are not always able to place words in the right context.

Critics point to the danger of algorithms that make decisions on their own because according to them the freedom of expression is restricted.

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