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Facebook Warn Users About Sharing Old News

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Facebook is rolling out a new feature worldwide that warns users if they want to share an article more than 90 days old. The social media platform announced this in a blog post.


With the new feature, Facebook wants to ensure that people make more informed choices about what they share online.

When sharing a message that is more than three months old, the user will get a pop-up saying that they are about to share a dated article.

Users can still decide to share the article if they always find it relevant.

Facebook says that according to their own research, people must know how old an article is. This provides more context so that people can better assess what they read, trust and share.

News media have previously voiced concerns about older stories being shared on social media as if they were new, giving people a false picture of reality.

Some news media have already taken steps to alert people on their own website that they are reading a dated article.

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