Sunday, April 14

Facebook Makes Data-Saving Lite App Available On IPhones

Facebook Makes data-saving Lite app Available on iPhones. Facebook has made its ‘lighter’ Facebook Lite app available for iOS, the operating system for iPhones and iPads.

A year ago the app was already released for Android devices.

The Facebook Lite app offers a “lighter” experience of the social network. The app is smaller in size and uses less mobile data.

Facebook Lite allows functionalities that are comparable to those of the regular Facebook app.

For example, users can upload photos, view profiles and respond.

However, images are displayed in lower quality and Facebook Lite, among other things,

does not offer full support for emoji, but the characters are rendered simpler.

With the Lite apps, Facebook intends for smartphone users with older devices or a poor internet connection or small internet bundle.

The apps can be used from Android 2.3 and iOS 9.

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