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Facebook Appeals Irish Watchdog Over Data Sharing Ban

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Facebook is appealing in Court against the decision of the Irish privacy watchdog DPC, Bloomberg writes. It demanded that the social media platform stop transferring user data from the European Union to the United States.


Facebook believes that “a lack of secure international data transfer is harmful to the European economy”. The company also wants regulators to look for a long-term solution.

Subsequently, the European Court of Justice dismissed the privacy treaty between the US and the EU, and the Irish authorities imposed a ban on Facebook.

According to the Court, personal data is less well protected in the US than in the EU, which means that it cannot only be exchanged.

This long-running case was filed in 2015 by 32-year-old Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems.

He complained about the transfer of user data from Facebook Ireland, where its headquarters are located, to the parent company in the US where the data is less well protected. The Court found Schrems in the right.

The long-term solution Facebook is looking for doesn’t seem in sight yet. While the European Commission is in talks with US authorities about better protection, it will likely be a long time earlier, there is an alternative to the void treaty that made the exchange possible.

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