Sunday, April 14

Ex-President Donald Trump’s Blog Closes and Won’t Come Back

The web blog “From the desk of Donald J. Trump” has disappeared from the website of the former US president.


According to his collaborator Jason Miller, it was not that important and will not return. Incidentally, there was not much interest in the blog compared to the number of followers Trump previously had on Twitter or Facebook.

The blog was one of the few channels through which the former president could still address the world after he was previously banned by major social media companies such as Facebook or Twitter. The ban resulted from the storming of the US parliament by supporters of Trump in early January.

Jason Miller, a Trump aide, has now told US TV channel CNBC that the blog was just one of the communication channels and that it is being shut down. Nor will he return. Miller hinted that Trump might use a different social media channel, but he declined to comment further.

However, according to NBC News, the blog was not a success. It reached only a fraction of the tens of millions of followers Trump had as president on Twitter and Facebook. As an ex-president, Trump is also much less relevant than before, which may explain the less attention for the blog.

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