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Ex-Chef Jeffrey Epstein Aids FBI Investigation, Bad News for Andrew

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Bad news for the British Prince Andrew. Famous American chef Adam Perry Lang, who was also Jeffrey Epstein’s private chef, wants to testify in the big sex scandal surrounding the billionaire on behalf of Virginia Robert Giuffre.


She is the woman who says that Prince Andrew had sex with her when she was a minor.

According to American media, the hitherto silent top chef has returned to his silence and discretion about the time he cooked for Epstein, between 1999 and 2003.

Perry Lang now wants to help the FBI investigators in the investigation, his own lawyer Lawrence Lustberg and also attorney Arick Fudali (who represents some of Epstein’s victims) confirmed.

The reason is particular. The cook reportedly felt addressed by a letter from victim Giuffre, now 37. She recently accused Prince Andrew of not cooperating in the investigation and that he let everyone guess what happened.

Since many of those involved remain silent, she wrote a letter she delivered at Perry Lang’s restaurant in Hollywood, begging for his help.

“I’m not here to destroy your life. You know so much about the people on the planes and in the houses, and everywhere you went with him. You cannot maintain that you know nothing (…) “, Giuffre wrote.

“You have the opportunity and, frankly, a responsibility to help us. By supporting the victims, you will not only find salvation, but you can be a hero. I consider you a friend. I hope it can stay that way. (…) He (Epstein, ed.) Is now gone. He can’t hurt us anymore. “

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